Our Story

This rescue was started in honor of our precious Athena. Athena was hit by a car and unfortunately did not survive. She was a very sweet and spoiled pup and did not deserve to be left there lifeless on the side of the road. Living in Texas we witness the serious stray problem we have on a daily basis. Not only are there multiple strays/abandoned dogs and cats but there are multiple cases each day of animals that are being mistreated. It is overwhelming, but we do our best to play our part in fixing this problem. These animals deserve a loving home and safe place to live. We have to stand up for them, we have to be their voice.


"This 10-week-old puppy has been through something unimaginable. What in the world happened to him to be left screaming in pain with his jaw broken? He was found sitting in the dirt outside, crying and wailing, by a local man who immediately brought him to the shelter, knowing something was wrong. It was there that they found his entire bottom jaw bloodied and dislocated from the rest of his face. We quickly rushed to tagged him and bring him to the ER, where doctors started working on him to manage his pain and figure out the extent of the break."

~ from Cuddly

Our Purpose

Our rescue aims to primarily take on the difficult medical cases that most would turn away from. Our rescue does not only take in dogs and cats, but exotics as well. We do everything in our power to get these guys on back on their feet and into their forever home. We have had hit by car animals and abused animals to abandoned and neglected animals.