Be a Hero

Why Adopt?

  • Helps lower the euthanasia rate in shelters

  • YOU'RE SAVING MORE THAN ONE PET! Each pet adopted out helps make room for a new one to be saved whether in a shelter or rescue group

  • You're fighting back against cruel puppy mills

  • When you adopt you get a pet who has been rehabilitated back to health, house/kennel trained, vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped

  • Unconditional love....most dogs rescued from shelters or found as strays have been dumped, neglected, or abused in their previous lives and fight for a better one...YOU!

  • Most importantly, you'll change their lives FUREVER!!

What is fostering?

Foster - bringing a pet into your home and giving them love, care and attention, either for a predetermined period of time or until the dog is adopted.

  • Frees up a spot in the shelter or rescue group to save another pet in need

  • helps the shelter or rescue group know more about the pet : good with other animals, house/kennel trained, home manners, tricks - sit, stay, etc. HELPS THEIR FUTURE FAMILY SEE THEM AT THEIR BEST!

  • helps socialize a pet that might have never been in a home environment, help train them, and prepare them for their future home

  • Fostering can be a fun and rewarding experience - you become a major part in this pets happily ever after :)

Donate to save a life ❤

Donating helps cover costs of any and all medical care needed for our rescues.

  • minor/major surgeries

  • specialty veterinarian care & physical therapy

  • vaccinations

  • neuter/spay

  • microchips

  • sick visits

  • boarding - when foster homes can't be found

Item donations are also needed - beds, toys, treats, etc.

These help our foster families with any fosters in their care, being able to provide these items for our foster homes encourages other families to apply to foster!

Any donation is greatly appreciated by our angels 🐾