Our Story

This rescue was started in honor of our precious Athena. Athena was hit by a car and unfortunately did not survive. She was a very sweet and spoiled pup and did not deserve to be left there lifeless on the side of the road. Living in Texas we witness the serious stray problem we have on a daily basis. Not only are there multiple strays/abandoned dogs and cats but there are multiple cases each day of animals that are being mistreated. It is overwhelming, but we do our best to play our part in fixing this problem. These animals deserve a loving home and safe place to live. We have to stand up for them, we have to be their voice.


Maverick was found wandering the streets in Southwest Houston. Hundreds of people would pass him everyday and look the other way. One of our board members had been aiding other rescuers in trying to catch this sweet boy for days. It started to get closer and closer to the Texas winter storm, so he needed to get off the streets ASAP. Thankfully, a couple more rescuers joined in the efforts to help catch Maverick. Unfortunately, catching him was impossible and he had to be darted. The important thing is that he was trapped and is with a patient and loving foster who is teaching him that not all humans are so bad. He has come a long way and is learning to trust more and more each day. Unfortunately, Maverick has a few medical issues going on. He had some radiographs taken and it was found that he has a cruciate tear on his right hind leg that will require surgery to repair, as well as severe osteoarthritis in his hips. A tumor was found that was thought to be potentially cancerous, while this mass thankfully was not cancerous the mass found on his testicle during his neuter is a Grade II Mast cell tumor. Mast cell tumors are graded on a scale from 1-3, unfortunately grade 2 can sometimes act is a grade 1 and be an easy fix as simply removing the tumor with a good prognosis. But they can also act as grade 3, meaning it has a high rate to spread to other organs 50%-90% and a very poor prognosis. Even though the MCT was removed with clean surgical margins Maverick will be having another procedure for a complete scrotal ablation - complete removal of the scrotal sac to help reduce the chances of it reoccurring. Donations are urgently needed for his care. We are currently at about $1,500 for his bill with about $450 in donations.

Our Purpose

Our rescue aims to primarily take on the difficult medical cases that most would turn away from. Our rescue does not only take in dogs and cats, but exotics as well. We do everything in our power to get these guys on back on their feet and into their forever home. We have had hit by car animals and abused animals to abandoned and neglected animals.