Medical Holds

Our medical hold pups are currently in a foster home receiving necessary medical treatment. These pups are not currently up for adoption, but as soon as they are cleared medically they will be. If you are interested in adopting a pet that has a medical hold please message us on Facebook or via email ( to let us know and we can contact you when they become available.


Blossom was found roaming around a Heat Plant in February 2022. She had no hair on her body and was so terrified that she had to be trapped. She had clearly been roaming around the streets for a very long time. Thankfully, the staff at the Heat Plant would leave food out for the local strays, so she was kept relatively fed. Upon trapping her she was taken straight to the ER to be assessed. It was found she was mildly anemic from being severely malnourished, and had demodex mange. Thankfully, no other injuries of health concerns were found. She has been recovering in her foster home, learning to trust and decompress in her new environment. She has come such a long way and we are very proud of her. Her hair is slowly starting to grow back and she is coming out of her shell more and more each day!


Bentley is our first BARC intake and man does he have a heartbreaking story. Bentley was found in someone's front yard after they heard a puppy screaming in pain. They rushed out to find sweet Bentley bloodied up and in pain. They immediately took him into the shelter in hopes he would receive the medical care he needed. Upon examination it was determined Bentley had a severe jaw fracture. Once we tagged him he was taken immediately to our orthopedic veterinarian for immediate surgery. He has since been recovering from surgery, and has recently gotten his stitches and wiring removed. We are currently seeing what the next steps are for Bentley to determine any other needed medical care or if he is able to be put up for adoption, so stay tuned!


Ivory was pulled from the Harris County Shelter. She had been at the shelter for a few months when we pulled her. She had what was thought to be a collapsed trachea. Upon further evaluation by our orthopedic veterinarian he determined it was not a collapsed trachea and we are currently evaluating how she does with medicinal treatment. If she does well she will be cleared to begin heartworm treatment and find her forever home.